Sunday, February 27, 2011

20 months

For the last 11 months, I have written about Olivia on her monthly 'birthday' and imagined what she was doing and how she was doing. Now, I know what she is doing!!! So, this is an exciting post for me! I remember last month when I wrote the 19 month post how hopeful I was that she would be here for her 20th month. Yay!!!! She is!!! Today has been a great day! We took our first real adventure out. We went to my neice's birthday party (it was scheduled for the 13th when we were in Korea, but Annelyn had the flu and they had to cancel). We said that if we went and she was terrified that we would leave immediately. While I held her most of the time, she was very observant and seemed to enjoy being around the other kids. She even walked a little while we were there!

I HATE that we didn't get any good pics of the birthday girl and Olivia together, but I am sure there will be many opportunities for that! :) I think Annelyn had fun with all of her guests!

When we got home, we ate dinner. Olivia decided that she thought it was fun to spin around in her high chair. However, she didn't think it was so fun when we buckled her in. Tonight she ate roast, carrots, potatoes, and a piece of key lime pie! We played a bit after dinner with her new blocks that my cousins gave her today. Thanks guys! She loves them.
It was time to head for a bath. She LOVED her bath tonight. She splashed and played as if she had always taken her bath in that tub.

She is splasing me with one of her cups in this pic. Pretty sure my pants were nice and wet when we were done. But who cares, right?!

After bath time, we came back out to the den and we were playing with her little phone. We always have conversations when she hands the phone to us such as, "Hello, hi, Olivia, the phone is for you." Well, tonight, after I handed her the phone, John and I were talking about something and we hear, "hi" from this very cute petite little voice. John said, "um....was that the toy?" I said, "no, that was her!!!!!" So, I guess that was her first english word....hi. So, yes, it may have been just a sound oops, but she used it in the correct context and so we are going with it. :) We put that up as she moved on to a puzzle that is in the box. Well, who cares about the puzzle, right? Boxes are so much better! So, here are some fun pics. we grabbed from playing with the box.

It was time for bed, so we cleaned up and went to get a book. John was looking for a certain book, and I went to Olivia's room to try to help. I asked him to go to the den to make sure she was ok, and he said, "ok" he was saying that, in she was coming to her room with her bag of new blocks that I mentioned above. This bag is as big as her, but she lugged it in as if to say, "not bed, block time!" I told her despite the great effort and regardless of her cuteness, the blocks would have to wait until tomorrow. Off to bed we go! Hopefully tonight is smooth.

Though we had fun today, we still know that she is not *ready* to go at full speed. We will take this week slow, but not quite as slow as last. We may go for a couple small outings and maybe a few more the week after that. I have no clue when we will be at the new normal, but we are having fun (most of the time) nonetheless. :)


  1. The smiles in these pictures just melt my heart!! I'm so glad to see she is having such a good time with you guys and settling in well. The box on top of her head makes me giggle....shows she has a silly personality! :) Keep these awesome updates coming! Love you guys!

  2. Perfection! She has a beautiful smile, and is mastering her adjustment like a phenom. Can't wait to see her out amongst other Korean cuties this weekend! We gotta introduce her to her "peeps". :)