Sunday, February 20, 2011

Our first night home and first day

We were all tired and hungry once we got home. Thank goodness we had a great meal there waiting for us!!!! Olivia had no interest in eating, so we didn't force it. We ate and then tried playing on the floor for a bit. We decided since we were told she loved bath time and since we had been traveling that we would give her a bath. Bad idea!

She screamed the whole time. We finished and got pj's on and played a bit more on the floor.

She was very curious about Oscar who also joined the playing. We all fell asleep in the den and woke up around 10. She got down from the couch in a panic and ran to the door and then through the dining room screaming "oeum, oeum." It was the saddest thing to watch. We went to her room where we made a bed on the floor. She could not calm down and called for her "ouem" --Omma (which is mom in Korean) most of the night. She did not like me to lay down with her so I just held her and rocked her. She dozed a bit and finally fell asleep for a bit. I finally laid down later, and she cried for quite a while. She allowed me to put her on the floor next to me about when the sun was coming up this morning. Poor thing! She woke up around 10:00 and I tried a bottle with her. She drank some of it. She then went back to sleep as did I and we slept until 2:30 in the afternoon. Once we got up, she ate 1/2 a yogurt and then just wanted to be held. We got her dressed and tried to play or do whatever Olivia wanted.

She has fussed her way through the day, but we have made it. She laid down with me about 4:30 to take a nap, so John told me to go get a shower. He laid with her while I got a shower and woke up during that short time. She got up and allowed him to console her. Since then, she will have nothing to do with me. I tried to hold her for a minute, but she reached out for him. So, she is calling the shots for now, so back she went to him.

I have tried to use this time to get as much done as possible as did John when he wasn't holding her earlier. We tried some baby food tonight (mac and cheese) and she ate four or five bites!!!! Yay! She also ate four or five bites of banana bread!!! So, here we are, ready for night 2. Wish us luck!


  1. We continue to pray for you all the time. We can't stop thinking about you guys. You're doing a fantastic job of loving her and letting her know that she's in a safe place. Each day she'll learn a little more and become more and more comfortable. We love you and are here if you need anything at all!

  2. I love the pictures! Although i cried at this post (nothing unusual) I am so glad that things are looking up! and how sweet is that picture of her playing with John!?! You guys are AMAZING parents already!! Love you 3! :)

  3. Oh, Laura... this reminds me so, so much of when we got home with Ingrid. (I'm not exactly sure how old Olivia is, but I *think* they're about the same age). Those first nights were torture. She wouldn't sleep, didn't want to be held, didn't want to be put down... nothing we did could console her. It was so completely and wholly exhausting. But I can speak from experience that IT DOES GET BETTER. It may not improve as quickly or as drastically as you'd like, but it will, in fact, improve. Hang in there, get through the days (and nights) as best you can, and take everyone up on their offers to help. This is a tough, albeit joyful, time and someday things will be perfect :)

  4. Laura, she is just absolutely gorgeous! I am so glad that y'all are home and settling in to a family of three. ( actually 4) :) I am still praying for you all and that this transition will go as smoothly as possible. Your little girl is so very beautiful!!!

  5. I am so happy for you guys and continuously send up prayers. I know your days and nights have all run together and you're running on fumes, but I also know you are treasuring every second with that sweet baby. I am glad to see that she has clung to each of you at various times. It won't be long until things are familiar and comfortable for all of you. We love you and celebrate this union with all 4 of you.