Friday, February 11, 2011

Waiting at the airport.....

Sorry this is just now coming through, we didn't have any internet access on the plane. ...... I have a couple of pics I will upload later, but my computer is dead right now. I am using the iPad and haven't uploaded the pics to this. :) Bear with me.....I am one tired girl!

We got up this morning and began to get ready for a long day. We took a picture of the last time we would be at the house as just the three of us. Oscar is not a happy fellow this morning.

I got the last few things done at the house, and then we headed out. We have had the most snow overnight that John and I have seen in our 6 ½ years of marriage.

We ventured out, and had to make a couple of stops. Of course, one was Walmart. From there we headed to my parents. The roads were covered with snow. We made it to mom and dad’s, gave love to the pups and headed out. We took our time to the airport and only almost had 2 wrecks (neither being our fault). TN drivers are not accustomed to anything white on the roads! We made it to the airport and got to our gate in no time. They saw my diaper bag and asked where the baby was. I told them we were going to get her! The security guy then said, “I will be back” and off he went with my bag. I guess I can see how that seems odd. We boarded the plane and took our seats on the very last row. We must have barely made it on that flight! We got here in no time. I always like the ‘warm up’ flights.
It is now 8:30 here in Atlanta. We don’t have much longer before we board for Korea. They just called to come for boarding passes. Our wait today has not been bad. We landed at 2:30 and walked to our gate area. We got some lunch and then we came and had a seat here at the gate to wait……and wait.

I have wanted to blog all day, but I would have to pay for internet service. Um….no. I noticed my computer needed charging so John went over to plug it in. When he was over there, a man asked about wi-fi. His English was broken, so John turned on the computer to show him the sites he could log on to for service. As soon as John turned on our computer, the picture of Olivia in her Hanbok popped up. The man said, “oh, I am Korean!” After that, he and John chatted the rest of the afternoon. He has already said he will help us on arrival to navigate through the airport. How nice!

Dad went to do a little plane watching and mom played some games on her ipad. I took a nice 2 hour nap. Apparently John snapped a quick shot of me at some point.
As the sun was going down, and our plane had pulled up, John remembered to snap a picture. This was the best he could get.

It’s a big plane!!!! Well, next stop, Korea!!!! We are getting close. Now, if I can just stay well. I think I must have a sinus infection or ear infection. My left ear is killing me and I have sore places on the back of my neck. I think all my stress and worries have caught up with me. We will see! I am sure I will rise for the occasion. :)
Thank you, thank you to all of my friends and family who have called and texted today. Thank you for all the prayers and keep them coming!!! We love you all!!!!!!


  1. been waiting on this excited for you guys. love you all.

  2. Soooo exciting!! Cannot wait for you to meet your daughter! That moment right before you walk in and then you see her - you will remember forever. Enjoy and live in the moment!!

  3. Missing you. Glad you made it. Can't wait to hear all about your first meeting with Olivia.

  4. How wonderful! I know you are thrilled beyond measure! Monday will be here before you know it!

  5. So very excited for you. We are praying! Love you!

  6. So happy you made it to Korea!! I know you made it because we hung out yesterday. I was checking to see if you posted or went to bed. I guess you went to bed!!! I know you all were pooped after hiking through the mtns with me and mom! LOL...
    It was so great to meet you all.