Sunday, February 20, 2011

Flying home and arrival

We had a van come to the hotel and pick us up at 7:00. Before we left, I took Olivia down to the breakfast room where the sweet girls that work there had asked all week about her. We promised we would bring her by before we left. When I went, they gave us a gift and tons of breakfast food to take with us! Wow!!! Everyone in Seoul is so nice! We got to the airport and got some breakfast. This was the best she has eaten for us yet. She had yogurt, banana, and bread.

In a short time, it was time to leave Seoul.

I hated to leave, but was ready to be home. We had another uneventful flight, which is miraculous to me!!!! Olivia pretty much slept from the time we left until we got home. She played a bit but overall slept.
We landed in Atlanta and had a 5 1/2 hour layover, but by the time we went through customs and immigration, there wasn't much time left. We arrived in Nashville to an amazing crowd!!!! The kids all had on cute shirts that had their names on them in Hangul! The adults all had on red, white, or blue. I love the coordination. All I could really see was a ton of people. I couldn't take it all in. The first one I got to was my sweet Anneyln. This is my 4 year old niece.

She ran to me and gave me the biggest hug. Oh, I missed that girl!!!! I then started hugging and talking to everyone. They had amazing signs and things to give Olivia. I will be keeping each and every sign!

I don't know how long we were there, but it was time to head home and let Olivia meet her brother Oscar and see her new house. Getting into the carseat was HORRIBLE though. She screamed and buckled her body out. It took both of us to get it buckled. I sat in the back and she continued to scream on the way home. She got so upset that she threw up. Poor thing. Eventually, she cried herself to sleep.
We arrived home to amazing decorations! My dad cut these korean girls out and my moms best friend painted them. I had no clue that dad ever did this!!!!!

We had pink bows on the lanterns and balloons on the mailbox. We had a cute wreath on the door. WOW!!!! My friends and family have made me feel SO loved! It doesn't stop there. I came inside to a stocked refriderator, diapers, snacks for Olivia, and dinner.

A girl cannot ask for more. John said, "so we don't have to take out a second mortgage trying to thank everyone, we will have a great cookout for them this spring or summer." Good idea on John's part, I thought. I do have a ton of thank you notes to write though. Thank you just isn't enough to even describe how grateful we are to everyone!!!!!


  1. love the photo of john holding sweet.

  2. Isn't coming home just the best!

  3. Ok. On behalf of all your friends, DO NOT WASTE ONE MINUTE WRITING A THANK YOU NOTE!

    You enjoy EVERY single second with that girl!!! She's home, finally!!!!

  4. Wow, what an AMAZING homecoming, full of thoughtful touches and kindness! I LOVE that everyone had their shirts in Hangeul. So cool!
    Sorry about the traumatic car seat experience. I'm sure she's never had anything like that before.
    Hoping the transition is going very smoothly :)

  5. i still replay Saturday in my mind over and over. it really was a dream come true. i will never forget the countless walks in my neighborhood talking about what that day would be the airport, coming home, expectations, emotions......and it has COME AND GONE!!! what a blessing, encouragement, and how grateful I am to have gotten to be by your side through it all :) now lets tackle this together as MOMS!!!! woooohooooo!!!!

  6. Love the picture of the 3 of you- what a perfect family!

  7. Awesome homecoming!! YEA she is home! I love her sweet outfit at the airport and all the sweet shirts of friends and family! That is wonderful she slept most of the flight!