Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sick again....

Well, Olivia has the croup yet again. She just got over it 2-3 weeks ago, but she is down for the count. I hate it because today we are celebrating Annelyn's 5th (I CANNOT believe she is 5!) birthday. It looks like I am on my own for the tea party, and daddy and Olivia will hold the couch up with lots of Bubble Guppie episodes. Bless her heart....she gets so upset at drop off for school that she throws up. It was so bad this past Tuesday that her teacher had to go home and change clothes. So, she now has a bucket, or buck buck as she calls it. I just figure this is her anxiety coming out, and that she will outgrow it. In the meantime, we have a buck buck. She didn't have much of a cough on Thursday when she went to school, but had a lot of congestion. She played fine and seemed fine. She reached for her teacher which is a great sign to us that she is starting to like it. She had a great day! However, she threw up at naptime (in her buck buck nonetheless). I talked to the director and she agreed that it was simply congestion. When Olivia is sick, she doesn't play, eat or do anything. At this point, she was still playing and having a big time.
By Thursday night, however, we had a sick girl. So this mama felt kinda bad for telling her the day before, "no sick, Olivia." To which she responded, "no tick....buck, buck(nodding looking stinkin cute)." I guess I won't win that award for 'mom of the year.' ;)
So yesterday mom took her to the doctor for me. This was a first because I think/feel that is my job, but didn't need to leave work since I missed Wednesday due to John's grandmother passing away. She had a temp. of 102.3 and feels crummy. She pretty much slept yesterday, and has been up and down most of the night. Hopefully her fever will break today and she will be on the upside. I told her she has to get better before Tuesday...I don't want her to miss school.

(and might I add, look at that handsome fellow taking care of her. Oscar loves his sister!)

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