Saturday, February 18, 2012


Exactly a year ago, we were somewhere over the Pacific with a terrified little girl. We had been in the air 6 1/2 hours at this point. We had a long way to go!

I just wanted to get home. We were all tired and ready to begin the adjustment phase. I love to travel, but when it is time to be home, I AM READY. I don't want the travel part in the way (especially the 5 1/2 hour layover in Atlanta)

However, I was looking forward to our homecoming which still blows me out of the water to think about. What an amazing end to an amazing trip.

Yesterday was another day similar to a year ago as far as wanting to be home! We weren't sure we were going to be discharged, but at lunch, I told John, "let's take our chances...load the car!" We were weary of being in that small room and could see how much better our girl was. She NEEDED to be there as far as the rest of the week. I hate to think what might have happened had we not gone to the hospital Monday night. The care there was amazing. I know I have not ever had great things to say about that hospital, but I take all the bad that I have said and will replace it with praise to the nurses and doctors that cared for Olivia. They were all so kind, efficient and helpful. It is so nice to know that we have such wonderful care right here close to home. They even called today to see if we needed anything and to see what Olivia had drunk today, how many wet diapers, etc.
Olivia finally made the turn and we were released from the hospital around 7:30 last night. Late yesterday afternoon, I felt like we had a bull in a China Shoppe with an IV attached. She was everywhere! I knew she was feeling better because the day before, she didn't even have the strength to walk! Yesterday however, Olivia was pulling out the drawers and getting in them.
It was pretty funny, but clear that it was time to go home. She ate some food and drank some juice, but promptly threw it up. Once we got home, we had pizza since that is what we ate our first night as a family. She ate a full piece and kept it down!
Today has been a quiet day here. We have taken it slow and played as she wanted. I have no clue why, but I am exhausted! My time to be productive (while she was napping today) wasn't so productive. Hopefully tomorrow I can use the time better!
Though Olivia is not quite 100% back to herself, she is getting there! We will continue to go at her pace for a few days. She tires easily, and she is definitely not going at her normal speed. Thank you for all the prayers, texts, phone calls, gifts and love that you have sent our way this past week! It means so much to us!!!

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  1. So glad she is doing better. We've been thinking about you and praying for you. So, when are we gonna have a play date??? :) Love you!