Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Not the plans....

Yesterday, was Feb. 14th in Korea, so all day I would think, "right now we were....." We really haven't made plans for our family day, and John is now saying next year, we will definitely have plans. Unfortunately, Olivia's croup, turned into Pneumonia. I got her home last night and called the doctor as he asked to give him an update. He said he thought we would be best to go ahead to the hospital. So, luckily, he called in orders and we bypassed the ER. We first went for a lung x-ray. We go to her room and they began checking her out. The hospital now has a pediatric floor that opened two months ago. This little guy was waiting on her pillow.
She really hasn't eaten since last Thursday, but they were concerned that she isn't drinking. She was only getting a little. So, I thought an IV of fluids and we would be on our way. She was so dehydrated that they couldn't find a vein big enough. It took 5 different people, 6 or 7 tries and one shot of antibiotic before she had the IV at 11 p.m.

We got there at 7. She was such a good sport. She would cry and say, "owwww!" but that was the extent of it. She just closed her eyes. I have found that this is how Olivia handles things that she doesn't like. She closes her eyes and stays quiet. She feels miserable! They came in and got her temperature and it was 105. Later, they came to tell us that she had pneumonia not in just one, but both lungs. Our doctor only heard it in one lung earlier in the day at the office. She is a really sick little lady. They went ahead and did an RSV swab and returned in about an hour to tell us that that, too came back positive. When she saw the doctor yesterday he jumped back when he saw how red her little ears were. He said that they were fire engine red. When he did rounds this morning, I asked if he thought we would go home tomorrow after he said that we would be there again tonight. He crossed his fingers. He later came back and said we should probably expect at least 2 if not 3 more nights. She is still pitiful. Grammy and Grampy couldn't stand not seeing her, so they stopped by for a bit. When you come in you have to put a gown on because she is on 'isolation.' Grampy had a lot of fun blowing up the gloves and being silly. There is never a dull moment in our family! Nana wants to come so badly, but we told her no because she takes care of Mickey's grandfather who is 104 years old. We can't chance getting him sick.

I put my shoes on to come home to grab a shower (seeing as I am still in my work clothes from yesterday!) and she sat forward and said with her little lip turned upside down, "me go." I told her mommy wasn't going anywhere and unzipped my boot and sat back down. Luckily, we have both been able to be there the whole time. She is definitely wanting her daddy right now.

We are giving her gatorade through a syringe, but she really isn't interested. The IV is providing fluids and an antibiotic, but we are trying to motivate her to try on her own. Everyone there has been so nice! So....pray for our little lady.
Now ask me how much I wish I were in Seoul?!?! Yep, put me on that big blue plane....with a healthy Olivia. I hate that she is sick. Lastly, I asked the doctor when he thought she could return to school (MDO) and he said that with her being such a preemie and having lost so much weight (back to 21 lbs at 2 1/2 yrs) and that she has now been so sick, that he would advise her not going until flu/RSV season passes. I thought, ok....that is March. Wrongo....he said April. :( So, I am saying end of March beginning of April. :) She was beginning to show progress with her 'buc buc' (puke bucket) and all. No really, she reached out for her teacher the other day. She loves them both and often calls them by name. She needs the socialization with peers, discipline from someone aside from family and language/speech with kids her age, as well as her anxiety to know that WE WILL come back. However, I need her to be healthy. I guess I have to choose the more important one which is health. So, it looks like MDO will be on hold until late March/beginning of April. I hate that, but she will get back in the swing.


  1. Poor baby! I hope that she is well SOON!

  2. Bless her heart and yours! Hate to see her so so sick! Hope shes on the mend and soon! Nothing worse than having a sick child, and a very sick one at that. :(