Friday, February 17, 2012

Family Day and Feeling a bit better!!!

A year ago a sweet, terrified girl was placed in our arms. ( you go on Korean date or US date? I think I have done a bit of both this week.)

She would have nothing to do with us and gathered her belongings (her jacket and blankie)everytime I would move them. We will celebrate tonight by having Pizza Hut. Unfortunately, she probably won't eat again this year. Normally, she loves pizza, but she just isn't quite up to it yet. I can't believe its been a year! What a wonderful year it has been!
Olivia Rae, you were truly made to be our daughter. We love every ounce of you more every single day! You are such a blessing!!

On another note....bringing us up to date, we are hoping to see home tonight. Olivia has made the turn and is becoming more her spunky self. Yesterday we saw her little eyes for an hour or two and today she has been up chattering since 9 a.m. Last night was the first night she slept beside me instead of on me and was able to get rest. She still has an IV, and her temp. was just 99.5, but we are so hopeful that today will be our day! It is great to see her personality come back out and her silliness! Here are some pictures that we have taken....sorry for the poor quality. My good camera had to be shipped off for a 'malfunction' so we have the cell phones.

I want to play my new piano, but I just don't feel good yet. (yesterday mid-morning)

She has done great with her breathing treatments! (last night)

Mommy and Olivia playing the piano that Nana sent yesterday (along with the rest of the toy store!) ;)--early evening yesterday

Olivia initiated eating this morning...then threw it all up 10 min. later. Small steps though!

Ready to color, but not feeling my best!!! (yesterday mid day)

Playing "drinking games" with daddy...just juice people. :) She loves to clink the glasses and say "cheers!" (yesterday afternoon)

BALLOONS!!!! (late afternoon yesterday)

Mom, this is a strange way to take a bath! (last night)

I love these balloons! (today)

And currently, Miss Olivia is eating some of Nana's delicious banana muffins!!! Thanks Nana! (just now!)

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  1. Laura, I am so happy to hear the baby is possibly turning the corner. I know you are anxious to get home, especially with today being a special day for your family. I have to say I'm proud of me because for some reason the 19th was in my head. i was thinking "is it a birthday I'm forgetting, what?" well, now I know, it was your homecoming!! Still praying for Olivia to continue to progress. Even small steps are reason to celebrate!! Btw, Carter was excited to see that they now have matching dino masks!! Carter has those for his nebulizer. Take care, enjoy today, wherever you are, and congratulations on an AWESOME first year together!! I know God will bless you with many more!