Sunday, October 2, 2011


I feel that is a very appropriate title for my blog post. I hate that I have not been a very faithful blogger for the last month and a half. I will do better! Olivia will do something and I will think, 'quick, grab the camera.' Then the minute she sees the camera these days she turns her head and gets whiny. Nice, right? We are very 2 around our house these days. We have fall break coming up and lots of fun fall events so I am sure I will get back to being a better blogger. Olivia is doing well, but is still adjusting to some degree. We are waiting on our court papers to finalize. How exciting! Yes, we will definitely have pictures of that!!!
Last week, mom took Olivia and Annelyn to see ponies, they went paddle boating, and then mom took her to see goats and made cupcakes. (nope, not a single picture of it!:( ) Olivia had a moment the first day with the ponies when they got there. She had the silent tears (which is what we saw a lot of during the main grieving time) and then had a full out sob fest. She was grabbing hold of her coat and making sure no one took her belongings which is something else she did right at the beginning. Two steps forward and one back, I guess?? It is hard to know what was going through her little mind. Maybe nothing as far as being left, maybe she was terrified that mom was going to give her to a new family?? I have no idea. All I feel I can do is cuddle, and continue to reassure her that we are it! She loves to say "home" and then names me, John, and Oscar. She cheers some days when we pull into the driveway.
Once she got over all of that, she had a great time at the farm and even tried to put her hand in the mouth of a pony.
John told mom that he needs permission slips since she is going so many places! :) I am so glad that mom is getting Olivia out and about. Yesterday, we went to our local fall festival and Olivia had fun running around. I wish I had a picture of her in her overalls...too cute! I will get one!
So, this is our week in a nut shell. Today we are celebrating a first for our family. My dad's aunt is turning 90. No one in our family has lived to be 90. We are headed out to celebrate and then have a surprise visit from Karen and Heath who live in Mexico. I didn't think I would get to see them until Christmas, but Heath's grandmother passed away so they came to the states. Looking forward to a great day and a great fall week. One more work week until fall break!!!

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