Tuesday, October 18, 2011

8 Months Home

It is hard to believe that 8 months ago we were currently flying home from South Korea. We have come so far in so many ways. Olivia has many words, but is not stringing many words together yet. She has several 'security' words. She repeats these quite often. They are mama, dada, Oscar, home, bampy (that is Grammy and Grampy), and BeauBeau. The teacher in me is determined to get her to recognize her letters as her friends already do. (Yes, I know they have heard this language and have been worked with for two years vs. her 8 months, but a mama's gotta try!) The comment I made to John as we drove with our screaming, inconsolable child from the agency has bitten me several times. I said, "I sure do hope she gets some kind of personality!" Well, she has one! She is so fun! She is spunky, sassy, and stubborn. All in a good way, as I have many of those same traits. For example, I was trimming her toenails earlier tonight and she was letting me have it and then she leaned in and gave me the best hug. Her 'love pat' is a smack typically across the head....just ask her Grampy. When she sees the camera these days, she just turns her head or looks down. It takes a ton of coaxing! She is extremely ticklish, but if she doesn't know you or doesn't want to be bothered she will not crack a smile no matter how much you tickle her. This girl has a mind of her own and isn't afraid to express it! Oooohhhh, we are in for it, I know!
It is amazing to me how in 8 months she has picked up some of our quirks. We are struggling still with sleep, but I think that is to be expected since she co-slept for 18.5 months. Her current eating is to eat anything in sight. I have no clue why she doesn't gain weight....I wish I had that problem! Yesterday she measured 33.5 inches and 23 lbs. She is still tiny as we are coming up on 28 months next week.
I know I have posted these pictures before, but I still look at our Korea pictures in amazement. I truly can't believe how much we have been through. It has been a whirlwind, but I really don't think I would change one second of it.

Thank you God for blessing us with this precious child. We are very blessed!
Olivia Rae, we love you so much, and WE are the lucky ones in this family! God chose you to be our daughter. How amazing is that?!?!? It doesn't just happen.

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  1. Can't BELIEVE it's been 8 months already! time is flying by!