Sunday, October 30, 2011


Tonight, we did our annual pumpkin carving. This year however, there was a lot more laughter, and my heart felt full! For the last several years, holidays have seemed as if they were on hold as well as the rest of our lives, but especially holidays. John and I, for some reason, have really looked forward to having a little one to enjoy Halloween with and the rest of the upcoming holiday season. Olivia and Annelyn had a lot of fun tonight running around and playing together. I think they have finally started to like one another.
Grampy has spent several days coming up with the perfect design for each girls' pumpkin. They got there and changed it both designs! Typical girl, right?!? We have never been much on the character thing, rather done the creative jack-o-lantern faces. Each year dad comes up with something better than the last. We were all a bit disappointed to see that the girls wanted Elmo and a Cinderella. However, I think he has now raised the bar for his carving ability. He doesn't use stencils and draws them free handed. They turned out amazing! Both girls were pleased and we enjoyed a great fall night together!

You want me to put my hand in there???

Annelyn took it on like a pro this year!

Olivia started to work a little, but her hand was not going in the pumpkin. She was satisfied with a spoon.

Annelyn is showing off her progress!

She finally let her hands get a little dirty.

Silly girl!

Wait a minute, this stuff is fun!

Hmmm, what's in there?

Wonder how this stuff tastes?

How's it coming, Grampy?

Annelyn and her daddy still digging out.

Annelyn went to take a bath while Grampy finished up on Olivia's pumpkin. When she came back, she was up on her daddy's shoulder which meant Olivia wanted 'upa,' too!

Oscar was overly thrilled tonight, can't you tell?

Olivia took her first look at her carved pumpkin.

Is the inside still empty?


They watched Grampy carve on Annelyn's pumpkin for a minute....

....and then they played under the table.

Somehow, they ventured off to the den, and Annelyn had Olivia as the "baby."

We lit the pumpkins and asked the girls to come in to see.

They loved them!!!
This is Olivia's 'I am so happy!' scream. This is followed by a lot of jumping up and down!

They headed into the living room to play a little "pia."

Olivia came back to kiss her pumpkin she liked it so much.

Look at those eyes! "Did you get this picture, dad?"


  1. Love fall! Your girlie is so beautiful. I love her personality shining through in these. It was so fun meeting you guys a couple of weeks ago.
    Happy Halloween!

  2. Love the pictures! Olivia is such a sweetie pie! It was great to meet you at Dinosaur World! :)