Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Destin (Day 3)

Today was cloudy and yuck here in Destin, so we didn't do much at the beach. We took a walk on the beach this morning and came back to head out for some shopping. We ate at Cheeseburger Paradise (I loved this when we ate at one in Atlanta and the four of us all remembered the chocolate nachos --which we ate again!) for lunch. We then came back here for a nap and then walked on the beach. We ended our day at Fudpuckers.

Olivia chased birds this morning!

I have no clue what she is doing, but it is stinkin cute!

She yelled, "look!" and was pointing to a bird.

This is my favorite picture of Olivia today. :)

Olivia's footprints....I wouldn't take a million dollars for them. They are precious prints from a precious girl.

She is yelling, "look" - again!

She loves the sand!

The clouds rolled in and stayed for the evening.

We were walking back to our condo and Olivia stopped and buried her feet.

As you can see, she was quite proud of herself.

We went to Fudpucker's for dinner tonight. What are they looking at?

....these guys! We enjoyed watching them before we ate dinner.

Everley sat on the alligator for me. She is so precious!

A sweet family on the gator.

Our little family on the gator. It is tough to get these pics. with the three of us. You should see Ashley and Everley trying to get Olivia to smile. Ugh, maybe one day it will be easy to take her picture with us in it.

I am hoping for some sun tomorrow! We will see, the weather forcast doesn't look so good, but who knows. The weather changes by the minute, right?

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  1. Looks like you guys are having a great time! Keep posting....we love the daily updates and pics! :)