Sunday, September 25, 2011

Consignment Time

Last week I mentioned that the upcoming week was going to be hectic. Well, it was, and I have been exhausted! It was a good week though. Monday night I left work, met mom, and we went straight to work at the sale. I marked clothes with stains and helped put items out until 9:30. I got home a little after 10. Tuesday, John went to help pick up some stuff from our friends and take to the sale. He got home by 9:30. Wednesday I went back to the consignment sale to work some more. I got home close to 10 this night too. I got to shop on Thursday and found some great stuff! I got home after 10 with Olivia excited to see what her momma got her. It was finally Friday and I didn't have it in me to blog. So yes, it was a busy week consignment wise, but check out my stroller!!!

I unpinned and washed it all, and it is all ready to be put away. I think I have almost all of Olivia's summer stuff put away. This sale has been one that mom and I have gone to for the past 5 years. In the last 2 years I have gotten into working it so I can shop before the public. That's the way to go people! Happy fall shopping!!!

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