Sunday, September 4, 2011

Walking Oscar

Oh my!!! A full week and I haven't blogged! WOW! Well, you haven't missed much in our lives. We are still getting into the school routine, but it is much better. I think I have neglected the blog because once we get home the focus is 100% on Olivia. Once bath and bed are done I have found that I just want to go to bed too. I will do better. I am looking forward to fall and getting lots of pictures! Stick around, I promise I will do better.

Lately, Olivia has wanted to walk Oscar. She does pretty good for the most part. It is hilarious to watch her. When Oscar stops to sniff or do his manly business, she sits down on the side of the road to wait. We have had several laughs over this!

It continuously happens....he sniffs, she sits. It takes a while, but we eventually make it back home.

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