Friday, September 9, 2011

First Pedicure

On Monday, our family spent the day together at our house. I had promised Annelyn that I would give her a fresh polish on her fingers and toes, so mom brought the bucket of nail polish when they all came over. I have tried to paint Olivia's nails before, but she just wipes it off. She likes the idea, but thinks it is more fun to wipe it off. So, Annelyn gave me all the details of her new nail job and we got started. Before I knew it, John had Olivia sitting next to us and was painting her nails. She blew them dry, giggled, rolled around and had a great time. So, her first pedicure....yes, her daddy painted them!
I hate that these pictures are blurry, but my sister took them on her iphone. I couldn't get the camera because I was painting Miss Annelyn's toes with stripes and polka dots! Olivia doesn't look thrilled in these, but trust me, she had a great time!

Did I mention, Olivia's nails look good! However, she just isn't the nail painted kind of girl. She just isn't that girly. Annelyn on the other hand must have her nails done! :) These girls are opposite in every possible aspect, but I couldn't love them more!

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