Thursday, September 15, 2011

First overnight away from home

Last weekend we headed to Fall Creek Falls for our first overnight trip. We were supposed to go to Dollywood in June with our Brandon and Ashley, but didn't get to since Olivia got sick. So, this weekend we finally got to all go on a short trip together. It did not disappoint!

The girls enjoyed sitting in any and all small seats that were at the festival. The one Olivia is in appropriately was marked, "Time Out."

We ate MANY snow cones! Yum!!

We had to look (um...or eat) at the map a little to see where we were headed next.

A little rock climbing along the way....

...only to jump off the top with pure JOY!

The girls played peek-a-boo for a bit and giggled so much! It was so cute to watch!!

Somehow, I captured this picture....may be one of my favorites!

After playing peek a boo, they ventured over to where the log cutting was going to take place. Olivia made herself comfy.

Olivia really wanted to watch the log cutting. Brandon did both the log splitting and the big saw that took two men. John wanted to keep his record and workout chart that we both have going consistent. His is blank.

Everley had fun riding the horse. Olivia was pumped about making the neigh sound, but when I asked if she wanted to ride she quickly said, "no."

Olivia's first view of the falls.

Olivia made the LONG walk across. She acually jumped her way across. I went back across with another family because I HATE that bridge and can't stand it swinging. Both girls had a blast making it swing and jostle. UGH!

Once we hiked to the bottom, we went to the nature center only to discover it closed 10 minutes earlier. The girls ran from the nature center back to us many times screaming at the top of their lungs. They were going through a small tunnel area, so it sounded very loud and they loved it! Since the nature center was closed, we headed over to the falls where many people go to swim.

Olivia and John ventured over closer to the falls.

Before we knew it, all four were over on the rocks and Ashley and I were back on dry land.

Brandon, Ashley and Everley

Our little family

All of us. This picture makes me so happy. We have been on trips just as couples, just with Everley as a baby, and now as two families. We love to travel with them! It is always fun!!!

Everley was big into carrying sticks over the weekend. Brandon found a big stick and told her about walking sticks. Luckily, we found one that was just her size. She and her daddy walked for quite a while with their sticks. It was so cute!

We wanted a picture in front of the sign. We handed her a pumpkin because she was not feeling picture time. Obviously, she wasn't impressed.

And then she melted. We were done.

We are waiting for the herding to begin.

We watched this dog, Molly, herd sheep. Unfortunately, Molly is really old and can't perform as well as she use to. It was so sad to hear her owner talk about her because you could tell how much he truly loves her.

We didn't make it out of the park Sunday and she was sound asleep. She slept all the way home!

We survived our first overnight. She seemed to do just fine. I think I was more nervous about it than anyone. I kept telling her all day the plan. I kept saying, "we will go night night here and then go get Oscar tomorrow at home." She wasn't ready at all to go to bed. We were so tired as I had 2 hours of sleep Friday night and then we had been going since 5:30 Saturday morning. Luckily, we were all asleep by 10, I think. I am looking forward to many more family vacations and many more fun trips with Brandon, Ashley and Everley!

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