Sunday, July 3, 2011

Yard Sale and a fun Saturday night!

Late this week, I decided that we needed to get our yard sale in before any more of summer gets away from us. So, at 10:30 Thursday night I started setting up. Olivia woke up Friday morning and joined us outside. She saw everything on the driveway and looked very confused. By Saturday she was getting the swing of it! She was telling people 'hello' and waving bye to them. She would even take the money and put it in the box for us! I wonder how many times she has had the thought of, "what are these crazy people doing now?" since she has come home???

Saturday night we joined our friends at P.F. Chang's for some yummy food. We got there early (I know....not a typo, we were actually early!) While we waited, we let the breeze come through the car and Olivia "drove." (car was not on if you are wondering)
She was more interested in pushing buttons and playing with the sun roof.

This is her current "surprised" face. Way too cute if you ask me.

After dinner, we went over to feed the ducks. The girls had fun and the rest of us were making sure they didn't fall in.

(for all you photography people (ahem....Melissa Lewis) can you tell me how to make my night time flash not make my pictures blurry. I didn't get very many good pictures because the flash put a blur on them....I will post one so you can see what I am talking about.
I took all of these within 15 minutes, and you can see the few that worked with the flash look alot better as far as lighting. The others look like it is pitch black night time and it wasn't. Thanks for your help!) :)

In the end, the girls ended up eating the bread. Keep in mind, we had JUST eaten a huge dinner!

We had a great night! We always look forward to and enjoy our time with the Goodwin's!

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  1. So nice to be called out on the blog. LOL

    I don't use night flash, but my guess is that your camera is compensating for the of light by slowing your shutter speed down (which would give you extra light). However, miss Olivia is moving so quickly that the shutter is not capturing her quickly enough. Clear as mud?

    By the way, I was thinking we should get Rory and your girly together to play sometime!