Saturday, July 16, 2011

Swimming in the summertime!

In the last couple weeks, we have had several friends over to swim and enjoy summertime. Our pool was only opened the week prior to Olivia's birthday, so we have been outside quite a bit in the last 3 weeks. The week after her party, we had Bates and Brodie up for a day of fun in the sun. We seemed to venture from the pool to the sand box and then inside to get ready for lunch at sonic! We had a lot of fun and always enjoy time with the Brown's!!


Before Annelyn headed to Disney we got to enjoy the afternoon of swimming and playing together. The two of them are really starting to have a good relationship. Olivia squeels with joy when she sees Annelyn. She loves her big cousin!

Typically in the summer, we have 'swim days' once a week. These are just fun days that a group of us look forward to having so we can enjoy each others company. It was a group of us from work, but as life has changed, it is now just a group of close friends. :) Unfortunately with the pool not working the better part of June and our busy schedules in July, we have only had two swim days. The first one was small as it rained on the Friday of swim day so we had an impromtu swim day on Saturday. Everyone else had plans, but our husbands had gone to play in a golf tournament together so we decided to swim!

Finally, this past Friday, we had one of our real swim days. We have enjoyed these for the past two summers and it was so exciting as my house filled with friends and their sweet kiddos. We wanted to take a picture before getting everyone changed and out at the pool, but as you can see, we didn't have the best luck. (it was hilarious because all of us were standing cheering and saying 'cheese' and they were m.e.l.t.i.n.g.--all you can do is laugh!)

We made it outside and all the kids were all smiles the remainder of the afternoon. However, when nap is skipped with many toddlers and babies at the same time, it does tend to get a bit rough for a bit. But, as I said before, all you can do is laugh!

We have also enjoyed swimming as a family of 3. Yes, I say 3 here because Oscar is not going to get in that water. He does come and sit under a lawn chair until he gets too hot. Then you will find him inside in the air conditioning.

Luckily, Olivia loves the water and outdoors. We would be in big trouble if she didn't since we live outside in the summer! We love the summertime!!!!

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  1. I am impressed you even attempted a photo with that many kiddos. LOL