Sunday, July 10, 2011


It was so hot today that we stayed inside as much as possible. This evening, John decided he would try to get some mowing done. Olivia and I watched from the deck. Lately, every noise has scared her, so we are working on getting past that. The lawn mower is one of those noises. She did great tonight! She said "mow" before we went out and we talked about the loud noise. She has come so far in so many ways!

She was cautiously watching, but ended up running to every section of the deck to watch.

She is really watching her daddy!

She saw the camera and I said, "Olivia, smile" to which she screamed. This picture makes me laugh because there is the *cutest* picture of a little asian girl in Parents magazine screaming. The article is titled "bossy toddlers." Uh-oh!

Sweet and innocent, right?

....and then we get these looks. That girl can give us some glares!

After this she sat and turned the other way when I would try to take her picture. I think I may have taken a few to many and she is over it! :)

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