Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Sunday we headed out to meet up with Brandon, Ashley and Everley to enjoy some festivities and fireworks. The girls played in the bouncy house and sweated like crazy!


They thought it was great to have water poured on their heads.

We took a break for a couple hours and headed to Grammy and Grampy's house to cool off. Olivia talked on her phone on the way. She had a great conversation with Elmo.

We met back up with Brandon, Ashley, and Everley to enjoy fireworks. It was still hot, but the girls didn't mind! We enjoyed watching the girls play before the fireworks and they giggled all the way through the fireworks. They are so cute!!

We weren't sure how Olivia would do as she has recently been scared of any noise. Cars starting, vacuum cleaners, lawn mowers and thunder are just a few of the noises that have Olivia on edge lately. We saw fireworks in April when we went to a baseball game, but the noise thing is recent, so we weren't sure. We are happy to report that she loved them!!!

Today we got up to rainy weather so we did a little craft that we have been meaning to get to before Olivia grows anymore than she already has (which isn't much!) For mother's day, Olivia and John gave me the stuff to make Olivia's hand prints and foot prints.

We honestly just haven't had a chance until now because John was working and we wanted to both be here when we made them. This took the bulk of the morning and then the sun decided to shine this afternoon! We went for a swim and then headed over to Grammy and Grampy's for a great dinner. They followed us back to the house because we all were going to walk over to our local park to watch the fireworks. We got half way there and a car stopped and said they had been cancelled. I didn't really believe them until a few cars later my friend Rachael passed and said the same thing. We then passed several friends who gave us the same news. We walked back home and watched Olivia play for a bit. How sad to not see fireworks on the fourth! Apparently, the guy that was hired to set the fireworks off tonight just didn't show.
Regardless, we had a good day and enjoyed another "first" holiday with our girl. Happy 4th of July!


  1. Seriously - how precious are those 2 girls?! I love the pic of Everley with her arm around Olivia's shoulders. So sweet. :)

  2. Looks like you all had a blast... Love seeing Miss Olivia!

    So, where do you get the bows... love those big ones. Emi needs some.