Saturday, July 30, 2011

Cousin sleepover

Last night, we had 4 of the 5 nieces come spend the night. They have all been great!!! The younger girls started their fun by arranging all of the kitchen food.

We then all headed out to swim for a bit and enjoy hot dogs and smores.

There was some hesitation from Annelyn since she had never made them, but the other Allayney and Courtney were ready and excited! Once Annelyn took a bite she realized she loved them.

I think Allayney got hers a little too toasted. :)

I think it was more the hot fire that made Annelyn nervous. Olivia enjoyed swimming with Brittney until she realized food was involved with the fire.

She ate a few bites and decided swimming was more fun!

We came in and two girls had baths and the other three said they didn't need one.
Obviously Olivia isn't thrilled with Annelyn washing her, but she got her turn. :)

Monkey see, monkey do.

We cleaned up because I think every toy was out. It was getting late so I made our beds on the floor and sent the older girls upstairs to watch TV or just hang out. This morning John and Brittney went to get doughnuts so everyone is currently watching the smurfs and eating their breakfast.

Annelyn has to leave in a bit for a hair cut but the other three will be here until nap. I think we will swim, but we will let the girls decide. :)

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