Tuesday, July 19, 2011

5 months home

Can you believe it??? It doesn't seem possible. We have had a very exciting month here at our house. After celebrating Olivia's 2nd birthday here at home, I have felt a closer bond to her. I don't know why? I guess it is because we celebrated a milestone together. Yesterday I was carrying her and asked her if I had told her in the last three minutes that I loved her. I have fallen so in love with this child. She just fits here. Her personality has really come out and she is hilarious! She is like John and I in so many ways. It seems like she has always been here.
For those of you who know me from childhood (ahem Karen and Kristen) you know that I always had my Winnie the Pooh at slumber parties. Last week after Olivia had her shots, I took Pooh into her room once she had fallen asleep and let her sleep with him. People, that is huge!!! Don't laugh! Ever since then, she has slept with him. Last night she said she didn't want him, and then from her room we heard her yelling, "Pooh! Pooh!"--it was precious!! I don't know why, but that is an extremely special thing to me. That bear has had a lot of love and tears over the years. My parents gave him to me when I was 4. I hated that bear at first. I wanted a Teddy Ruxpin. They knew better and were not buying me one of those. They thought he was junk. So here I was at my Pizza Hut birthday party with this dumb bear. Little did I know how comforting he would be over the years to come. Now it is Olivia's turn to give Pooh love. She has been taking him and putting him down for a nap and covering him up with her blanket. She then hums the tune to the lullaby we sing to her at night and closes the door as gently as she can (until it slams at the end) still humming on her way out....just like we do for her. I guess what I am getting at is that bear is very dear to me. I never would have thought sharing him was optional. However, that little girl seems to have stollen my heart and is unbelievably dear to me after only 5 short months.
As I look at work starting in just a couple weeks, I am saddened that this season of our lives is over. You couldn't have told me 5 months ago that we would be here at this point. It hasn't been easy (especially the first 3 months home) but we have found our new normal and I love it. I am very hesitant to find yet another new normal as I am completely smitten with this child.
Happy 5 months home sweet girl. I look forward to many more birthdays, memories and 'firsts' with you. We love you so much.


  1. seriously....how.stinkin.precious. i really just teared up at this! You 2 are such awesome parents and i know i've told you before, but it's like Olivia was born with your's and John's traits. She TRULY was meant to be your kiddo. love you all!

  2. Sweet, sweet, sweet! God knew what He was doing, huh? Love that! I wish we lived close so our stinker, funny, precious, (sometimes very naughty) 2 year olds could play together! Love the updates. =)