Monday, June 6, 2011

Welcome Home Brodie (PART II)

Last night, I was so tired by the time I finished my post that I decided to make it a two post session. Plus, any homecoming deserves its own post! Yesterday afternoon we headed to the airport with balloons in hand to welcome home Brodie. He looked amazing! While I am sure he has a long road to go, he was all smiles yesterday at the airport. He has a great big brother that will show him the ropes and a mama and daddy that will love him to pieces. I had fun visiting with MaryLeigh's family while we waited. They were all so sweet and welcoming. Within no time, their flight had landed and it was time for us to be on the lookout of them. They came in as a great family of four (and uncle William). I love the airport scene because they look like they are on cloud 9. The excitement of seeing family and friends there to great you and having your child on your hip after the long waiting months is something I will never forget. As I saw them walking up I got choked up. I didn't even get choked up when we came home, but seeing it happening was amazing! I loved watching people as they went by, and experiencing the excitement of the awaiting family members and friends.
I am looking forward to fun times with Olivia, Bates and Brodie. I am again so grateful for all the friendships that have developed from adoption. It is an amazing experience that is one you can't understand unless you have been there



  1. now you know how we all felt when you came walking thru that door! It was VERY emotional to see you with Olivia for the first time. Brodie is so very cute and I wish many blessings for their little family!!

  2. Thank you for being there, friend!
    Plum soda is waiting for you at my house!!!