Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Feeling Better!!

Finally, I think Olivia is on the mend! By mid day Saturday, we started to see our sweet girl return. She still had two more rounds of diarrhea, but then it was gone. She so wanted to eat Saturday night. She ate really well, but you can see her little eyes still look weak.

Her appetite has returned and she is as playful as ever. Sunday she was great and even took an impromptu swim! She kept looking at me and saying, "cheese!" She hasn't done that in qute a while so I was loving it! She decided she would get in....clothes and all!

We are still taking her medicine. (No mother of the year award here, I forgot her medicine last night and this morning) I noticed that she still feels pretty yucky when she isn't getting it on her normal time!
She had quite a bit of snot today causing her to gag on her sandwich and throw it up, but then she was ok. She napped off and on in the car today as we have been in the car most of the day. Our day started by going to Vanderbilt for her vision test. She passed with flying colors!!! I was so relieved since she failed with TEIS and they suspected that she may need surgery. Vanderbilt had no feeling that that was the case, and said to return when she was ready for kindergarten.
In the mean time, her new favorite hide out seems to be my closet! I have no clue, but I look in there and she has thrown my boots on the ground and climbed the step ladder thumbing through my clothes.
(if you look at the following two pictures you cannot judge me on the messiness of my closet! You still have to like me! :))

I think I have my hands full in the future! :)

She obviously was ready to see what was up top as she climbed up the shelves of my closet. She has no fear!

She has also gotten really big into dressing herself. I went into her room the other day and she had her swimsuit drawer open and had three swimsuits on--all on top of her clothes. Too cute!!! Here she has put her swim diaper on over top of her clothes. I told her to pull her shirt up and show me, but a smile was not in the cards.
She took off running. Notice the back -- she still can't figure out how to get the clothes over her tushy.

This girl is a laugh a minute, very full of herself, and has a ton of personality! I love her!!!

It is time for this girl to get to stay away from doctors for a while! She has definitely had her fair share. Now it is time to prepare for her birthday party. I can't believe in less than two weeks she will be 2!!! Last year I planned and planned (to keep myself busy and to meet all of the Korean traditions with the Dol) and this year I just haven't had time. I have my ideas, but haven't gotten a chance to produce them. We ran into Hobby Lobby and I literally got what I needed in 15 min. as the store was about to close. I need to go back, but not sure when I would. I have no clue what I have, if I need more, or what else I want. Not the ideal trip, but could have turned out to be a good thing?? :)

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