Sunday, June 26, 2011

Party Time!

I am going to start by telling you that there will be ALOT of pictures in this post! We only took 261 pictures today! I won't post ALL of them though! :)

Today we had Olivia's 2nd birthday party. Let me just say that this one was so much fun since she was here to participate! She was overwhelmed, but I think she had fun. I hate that I didn't really get to play with her much, but she swam with her Aunt Leslie (thanks for playing with her) and was all over the yard into the different activities. We had different play areas because I figured not everyone would want to swim. We had a bubble station, the swingset, sand box, smaller water station and the pool. I think there was something for everyone to do. This year I tried to do better about pictures (thanks Danyell for taking pics while she opened presents). It is hard when there is so much going on to get pictures. I wanted to get some group pictures, but that just didn't happen. I made sure that I took pictures before the party got started this year since I didn't do so well with that last year. The day started with unsure weather, but turned out to be perfect! The rain in the day did slow us down some on the outside stuff, but it all got done! I had actually showered and was outside when the guests started arriving (unlike last year)! I don't know why I can't get it all done the day of. I am blaming the weather this year. :)

The theme this year was 'fireworks/red, white and blue' because we wanted to celebrate that she is home with us. Last year we did the Dol to honor all Korean traditions and this year we went all Americana.
I think Olivia is very excited from the day. John is currently still putting her to sleep. It is now 11:12 p.m. He started putting her down around 10:30 (I know that is late) because she was wired and we had to go to get Oscar from my parents house. After books tonight, she pulled out her toys like she was going to play right, no kiddo!
Olivia has been great all day and played with all of her friends. I don't think she had a clue as to what today was all about, but she will learn. :)

Well, the rest will be pictures, so hang in there if you want to see our red, white and blue party. Thanks for all of our friends and family who joined in the celebration today! It was such a blessing to have each one of you here to participate in our little firecracker's party. We look forward to many more fun parties in the years to come!

Our invitation

Deck view

What is a party in the south without multiple kinds of tea?

Pictures of the last four months!

Party favors

From the back of the pool

Banner (I think it turned out pretty cute!)

From the side

From the back of the yard

Her swimsuit dress for today. It is an "O" made to look like a firework. I think she wore it a whole 10 minutes!

James Luke was showing off his swimming! He is doing a GREAT job!

Sweet Noah

Swimming Fun

The "water station" was pretty fun too. There was also a water hop-scotch and circular sprinkler.

Love this picture! Nothing better than juicy watermelon in the summer!

Silas and Jamie having fun in the pool.

All the fun made Olivia hungry!

Well, dad popped in on the picture. True dad style! Love him so much!

I guess she was afraid we were going to take her food away! She got down low after our family picture attempt. She cleaned her very full plate!

My dad and his brother. They look JUST alike!

People, I am ready for presents!

Tara and baby Harper.

Ben was swimming like a fish!

Brandon and Everley eating some dinner.

Landon LOVES watermelon!

Her cake!


Our little family. We put a sparkler on top since she is still trying to learn how to blow. Notice I am holding her arm because she was determined to grab it!

Opening presents

Still working on presents, but needed a cake break!

Daddy helping Olivia open presents.

Another cake break...this time, Grammy's plate!

John's Grandaddy (only 103--will be 104 next month) enjoyed feeding Olivia some cake, too!

Mattie, Noah, Bates and Landon having bubble fun!

All of Olivia's presents! WOW! (where is her mother going to put it all?)

I think we may have our hands full with this one! :)

Allayney, Annelyn, and Sophia playing in the bubbles.

Annelyn "bathing" in the bubbles!

Landon LOVES bubbles, so this was the best!

She was all smiles toward the end of the party.

Happy to be playing on her new swingset.

Daddy took advantage of having the camera and some one on one Olivia time and snapped a quick picture.

Allayney and Annelyn relaxing on the hammock after everyone had left.


  1. Happy Birthday Olivia from your frineds in Ohio... Asher and Emi

  2. Sorry I took so many pictures but at least you got great coverage of her first birthday party at home! :) I had such a great time and would be honored to be the 'picture taker' in the following years. I love you all to the moon and back!

  3. I am so sad we were out of town and had to miss this one. I meant to call you before we left. Can we get together and celebrate when we get home?? Maybe we could go to Sweet Cece's or something. Happy Birthday, Sweet Olivia!!!