Sunday, June 19, 2011

Some assembly required....

I haven't blogged much in the last week because as of Monday, I had Olivia's funk. She is finally better (it took her a week and a half) and then I got sick. I am still not completely over it, but I am feeling much better! I haven't been as sick as she was though. I have been really stopped up, my ears are clogged, I have been achy and my throat has been sore. I am glad this virus has almost moved out of our house! As I haven't felt my best, I realized that poor Olivia must have been completely miserabe. I knew she didn't feel good, but poor thing!!!
Now that we are getting back to normal around here, it is time to get really busy!!! We have a party to plan!!!

Olivia will be turning two next Monday. For her birthday, she is getting a swing set. At 8 a.m., John headed out to the garage to begin putting it together. We figured it would take a few days, so he knew he needed to get busy. It was (literally) black out as a big storm was passing through. So, he decided he would assemble what he could in the garage and then move it around back. Lucky for him, our friend Brandon and my dad came to help. Though we don't have a swing set fully assembled out back yet, it is beginning to look really good. Before they can attach the two end pieces they are going to have to dig out around it to make it level. John and Brandon worked until 10:15 tonight and finally called it a day.
Here is what they started with....

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