Wednesday, June 8, 2011


We have been looking forward to heading to Dollywood and Splash Country with our friends Brandon, Ashley and Everley. We were scheduled to leave bright and early in the morning. However, we had to cancel due to a little one being sick. Olivia had a runny nose that came out of no where on Saturday and Sunday she threw up mucus. I didn't think much about it. On Monday, she threw up three times (mucus) and began coughing. Tuesday I decided that since we were leaving town that I would take her to the doctor. I didn't get any real conclusive answer, but was told to watch for a few things such as labored breathing, diarrhea, and fever. Well, by last night, we had all except the diarrhea and she continued to throw up. By this morning, we welcomed the diarrhea. She has pretty much layed on my shoulder the last two days until lunch time today. She hasn't eaten in two days and is now down to 19.5 lbs. That isn't much for an almost 2 year old.
We went back to the doctor this morning and she now has an ear infection and a bronchial thing. They gave her a breathing treatment in the office and put her on a new antibiotic. She was on an antibiotic for her toe that set up a bacteria. So....this medicine should take care of both problems. Poor girl! She has been a sick one. We were given an inhaler to take every six hours at home and she takes it like a champ! We are hopeful to head to Gatlinburg on Friday, but it all depends on how she feels. Her doctor said she should feel much better in 48 hours, so I guess time will tell. If she isn't up to it, we won't go. I hate that, but we have to do what is best for her. There will be other trips.

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