Sunday, June 19, 2011

4 months home and Happy Father's Day!

I cannot believe four months ago we were standing in the airport with a shocked and terrified little girl. I laugh everytime I think of the statement I made to John about Olivia shortly after leaving the agency. I said, "Do you think she will ever have a personality?" Oh me!!! This girl has got some personality! She is so fun! I cannot believe the transformation in such a short time. Sure, we still have our days/moments, but for an almost 2 year old who has had her entire world rocked to the core, she is doing AMAZING! I am so glad to be to this place of the journey rather than standing with a scared baby on my hip. She knows me and knows that I love her. She loves her daddy and the rest of our family, too. I also made the statement shortly after coming home that "by June I think life will be better." Yes, it is!!! She has come so far. I often have to remind myself that it has only been four months. I remind myself this because some of our 'issues' are not resolved, and I can't expect them to be at this point. I think I have decided what the most annoying statment that people make is. It is when they see me holding her and say, "God bless you for doing that for her." or "She is one lucky girl." I always respond with, "we are the lucky ones!" Seriously, we needed this child so much in our lives. She was given to us for a reason and we are the ones that are lucky! She is such a blessing.

On a different note, this is John's first father's day. He said he wanted to get some khaki's for school, so this morning I told him we would take care of that on tax free weekend. (I know....sweet, huh?!) However, I did make him a book of our trip to Korea and I tried an unsuccessful photo thing with Olivia. Here is the cute idea: give Olivia the letters D A D and take three different pics. of her holding the letters individually. Well, maybe next year! It was somewhat hilarious to do this with her. She would throw the letters at me, run off, smile after the flash or just say no. Obviously the cute idea didn't pan out. I tried. Here are the pics. that I got.

She put her arm up like that....then the minute I would get the camera focused she moved.

This was a possiblity, but not what I was after.

I tried using a navy blanket to make a backdrop. (look at all the feather junk on it...what was I thinking? She kept pulling the blanket down and wanted whichever letter that I was holding on to.

We even tried when we went over to Grammy's house.
She would not put the phone down....looks like she is having a good conversation though. :)

This one is cute, but she looks like a deer in headlights.

Really, could you hold on. My mom is trying to take another stupid picture! Ugh! --Pretty sure that is what she is thinking here!

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