Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Just wishing for you

John and I find ourselves doing lots of projects to try to keep ourselves busy. We want Olivia to come home so badly, so we are just trying to pass the time because we know that there is nothing we can do. We were told at her 6-9 mos. update that we would receive pictures at 10 months, but we haven't. I look at her little picture (she is about 4months in it) that I have every day. I love that little girl!

Olivia, you will quickly learn that your daddy does NOT have a memory. I think it took him 3 months to learn my name. At somepoint, he looked up Korean holidays and apparently tomorrow, May 5th, is National Childrens Day. He has mentioned it several times in the last 2 weeks. The fact that he remembered it more than one day is a miracle. You are weighing heavily on his heart as well as mine these days. Any little Korean holiday or event, we think about you. I think that he is remembering the holiday because he is wanting you here so badly.
As we were working today in the yard, he said, "well, I guess we can get the pool open and projects done and that will keep our minds occupied for 20 min. or so. Even if we are occupied, I am still thinking about her." I thought that was really sweet. We love you so much and can't wait for you to be home. He is not one to express much feeling, so when he said this, I knew that he was really missing you.
Another reason I know he is missing you and ready for you is because Sunday afternoon I took a nap, and woke up to him putting your high chair together. I didn't even have to ask, he just did it!

At night, I pass the time reading other blogs of parents who have adopted from Korea. I have not found one family that has had to wait for their child as long as we do. The typical wait I have found (meaning from the time they had a referral) is between 4-7 months. We will be waiting for 10 more months! (plus the other 1 1/2 that we have already waited) We are only able to think about what you are doing and we know that you are growing and changing daily. I look at our clock here at home and then calculate the Korean time. Once I have done that I figure out what I think you would be doing. We got an update on April 3rd, and will probably not get anymore information on you until January 2011. I know that you are being well taken care of by your foster mom, but I want you in my arms. I want to rock you to sleep and lay beside you on the floor. I want to feed you your applesauce and porridge. I want to hold you when you are scared, hurt, or sad. I want to celebrate your first(s) with you. We can't get you home soon enough!


  1. Hi Laura! This is Stephanie @ Counting Seeds, I just found your blog! Please contact me, I am part of a private Korean adoption forum started by a group of wonderful adoptive moms from South Korea. They are a tremendous source of support and wisdom, some have adopted many times over and 90% are through the same agency you and I are working with. You have to be invited to join, so please contact me through my blog and I can get you set up if your interested. Lots of other moms on the forum have received the same heartbreaking news re. the quota- I think you would enjoy the fellowship and support.

  2. Hey Laura! Got your message- if you could, click on the flower on the right hand side of my blog and I can give you all of the info. you need to get into the forum. They are excited to have you and can't wait to welcome you once you're on!

  3. The wait is so hard, but once you get the call and have your baby in your arms... everything is right with the world. Sure there will be days you wish you had her sooner, but you will be so enjoying the days you have from then on it will not matter as much!
    Hang in there...