Friday, May 21, 2010


A week or so ago, we had an immigration officer call us. I have been emailing back and forth with USCIS since then trying to figure out what we needed to do to get our I600A in the mail. It turns out that there has to be an addendum to our homestudy and the form was stating that we wanted to petition to be filed in Texas. Um, last time I checked, Olivia lives in KOREA! I don't know how the paperwork got messed up, and I know that Stephanie did ALL of our homestudy, so I think that this is a lack of USCIS looking at our documents. I could be wrong, but seriously, Texas?

In the meantime, I am passing these days by being crazy busy at school, planning Olivia's 1st birthday (Even though she isn't here, I think it is important to celebrate since thier 1st birthday is considered to be one of the 2 most important days in their lives.), getting shop and swap together, and designing a t-shirt for Olivia's adoption. I just want a shirt to honor her adoption. I am not planning on selling these unless we decide they are nice and we want to do another fundraiser.

I am still hoping for pictures sometime soon! I am guessing it will be August before we get any.

Side note--the whole thing with the bombing of the S. Korean ship by N. Korea has me very worried. This is just another thing that is completely out of my hands. All I can continue to do is pray. I am just worried about the threats that N. Korea is putting out. I know that they get their feathers ruffled a couple times a year, but they have not gone to the extent of bombing another ship until now. The torpedo killed 46 people! S. Korea feels that there needs to be a punishment of sorts to ensure that they show the N. Koreans that this is unacceptable, but N. Korea is threatening 'all out war' if S. Korea retaliates in any form or fashion.

So, pray that this settles down and does not affect the adoption process. Please also continue to pray that the government allows babies that already had signed referrals go home this year. (thats us ya know)


  1. Definitely with you on the calm resolution of the North- and South-Korea relations. Sigh... can't everyone just get along?!

  2. Yeah, the bombing of the ship is very scary. I'm surprised it isn't getting more news coverage.

  3. No joke Elizabeth! I don't know why they have to go at it? Just get our babies home safely is my main objective, as I am sure it is yours too! :)