Saturday, May 8, 2010

June 11 or 12?

What is happening with Olivia on that weekend you ask? Got you hopeful, right? Sorry, to disappoint, but that is the weekend we have decided to have our first large event for her! We (me, Traci, and Ashley S.) are hosting a toy swap. I am not sure of how it will all go down, but Traci and Ashley went to one in early spring and said it was awesome! So, I said I can do the organizing when the toys come in and they can take care of the PR. :) It looks like we are going to accept any aged child toy/ gear. (beds, saucers, swings, etc.) We are going to get together soon and nail down times to have the event. I do have the location! :)
I am super excited about this. I hope it turns out!

So, no, we aren't bringing her home that weekend (what a great dream though), but we will be fundraising for her! It should be a great time for people to get some great stuff, spend time with friends, and talk about Olivia. I do that? :)

Oh, and speaking of fundraising, don't forget to check out how you can help by clicking on "My One Hundred Wishes" tab on the right side of my blog. Thanks for your help and prayers in getting her home!

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  1. Awesome idea! Hope you raise some good $$ with it!