Sunday, May 23, 2010

Trying to stay busy!

Well, I finally got it! Here is the design of the tshirt. :) I am already thinking of another one, but I can't wait to get this one.

Today, I had lunch with a group of adoptive moms. We were originally suppose to get together on May 2nd, but the flood came, so we met today in Murfreesboro. I really enjoyed getting to hang out with everyone! What a great group of people. I hope that I can continue to share time with this group, as they have all walked where we are right now. I am also hopeful that once Olivia gets home that she will get to know their children and have lifetime friends!

On another note, I ordered Olivia's Dol invitations this weekend. I know she will not be here, but I feel that we must celebrate her first year of life! She is our daughter, and if she were here we would be, so why wouldn't we under these circumstances? I figure I have two choices for that day. I can #1. mope and be sad that she is 1 and we are not with her on her special day, or I can #2. have an awesome celebration that we can tell her about and honor her life. Have fun with family and friends and let them know about the significance of the first birthday for a Korean child.
I am going with choice #2. :) I have looked at alot of Dol celebrations and I think I have hers figured out. It amazes me the amount of $ that goes into the first birthday for the Korean children. We are actually going to call this a celebration rather than a birthday party. I put on the invitations 'no presents.' I just want us to all come together and celebrate what is and what is hopefully to come!
I did, however, love John's suggestion. I told him I was putting 'no gifts' on the invitation and he said, "can we put in a smaller font under that that we are registered at pottery barn kids?" I thought that was hillarious!!!
Well, here is to another week of waiting and wishing for Olivia. She will be 11 months this week! To think when we met her she was 8 mos! Maybe time will fly?

Please keep praying for her daily! Please pray that she is healthy and happy. Pray that we get her home sooner rather than later. Pray that the government allows those that had accepted referrals prior to the quota mark get to bring them home this year!!! (thats us ya know!) :)


  1. Laura, I want to order a shirt as well. I am so excited for you, John, and Olivia!

  2. When can we order these shirts? are they available yet? Email me and let me know:
    Ashley Smith