Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Another first for our family. We gathered around the table and had a new face this year. It was a sleepy face, but we felt so lucky and blessed to have Olivia home this year. As I look at other adoptive parents going through the holiday season without their little one home, I am reminded of how last year felt. There was definitely a big hole in our lives. I want to just reach out and hug those people, because I KNOW how they feel. I KNOW how they ache.

This Thanksgiving did not dissapoint. Olivia and Annelyn wore matching shirts that my sister got them.

They played great while I cooked. Olivia got into the stickers, and we all had a good laugh.
Mom typically is cleaning dishes/pots and helping me in the kitchen, but this year it was dad. Mom had a bit more eye surgery on Tuesday, and couldn't lift or be near the oven heat. Dad was great help, and kept me right on track. Our Thanksgiving funny this year was as I, literally, was stirring the last thing for the oven, the oven blew. John and I packed all the food up into the car and went to his mom's to cook it. Once it was ready, we loaded it back up and took it back to moms. I figured we could just laugh about it. Its just food, right?!?!
After a great meal, and lots of full bellies, I took Olivia upstairs at mom's and rocked her to sleep for her nap. I sat there and remembered how I wished for this just a short year ago. I say short because since she has been home, time has flown! I can't believe it is Christmas time!!!
Annelyn and I took this time to play a bit, and then it was time for us to head over to John's family. We went to his aunts house this year, and enjoyed time with them for a bit. Olivia enjoyed yet another plate of food!
We went back to mom and dad's to play a bit more and to get Oscar. Olivia was obviously ready to go to bed since she got her story and got into the doll cradle.
So, we loaded up and headed home.
What a HAPPY Thanksgiving it truly was. I am so excited to enter the Christmas season. Not because I am hopeful for that one particular present under the tree this year, but because Olivia is home. Olivia gets to experience so much this season. From what I have heard, the elves should start visiting soon! I can't wait. We haven't fully decorated yet (a first for me), but as I pulled out a Santa, she kept saying, "back, back." She wasn't a fan at first, but she is liking him now.

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  1. I am so happy for you guys and I do remember how you were feeling this time last year. I can indentify but because we are so close to bringing our baby girl home I am not really too awfully sad - of course, I do hold on to hope that she might be here for Christmas, although, not holding all hopes for that but's nice to think about. :) I don't want to miss anymore special times with Grace...her 3rd birthday is coming up very soon and it does make me sad we won't be together for that but again, I know it won't be too much longer and we can celebrate it all at once when she's home! Enjoy every single moment with that precious little girl!!! Much love!!