Friday, December 2, 2011

Presents and decorating

Can it get any better? I mean, really??? We are loving every second, but lately even more so. Olivia has turned into (yes, still very add that in) a comical little person. Her personality has really taken off. Maybe because her mom and dad are pretty silly, but she is stinkin fun these days. Maybe we are really feeling the holiday spirit, but we will take it! I love this girl more every second. Sometimes I hug her and kiss her and think it just can't get better, then I want to squeeze more!

We came home the other night to a box. We were playing with Oscar as that is a must when we first get home and Olivia went to the kitchen (hers) and got one of her knives. She then worked quite sometime on getting that box open. Funny thing, we open boxes with scissors. Grammy, where did she learn to open boxes with knives??? This kid imitates everything and takes every word in!

She loves to hold clothes up to everyone to make sure they will fit.

Now for the shirt....will it fit--I'll check!

She loved decorating the tree! She is going to really like doing the fun tree upstairs this weekend!!

Tree done, ready for bed, love my new jammies!

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