Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Our Star of the Show!

Last Monday we went to see my niece, Annelyn, in her Christmas play at church. I think this child has found her calling. She loved being on stage and singing the songs. She is 4 and the play was long. She got a little restless and felt the need to help her buddy next to her since that child had not made it to practice. Annelyn would dance a bit with the songs and then try to help the girl do the motions. It was hilarious. Olivia enjoyed watching the play and cheered her cousin on. Great job Annelyn! We love you so much! When we left, she cried as they were going home because she couldn't understand why the people didn't want to see it again (in practice they must have done it several times through). I thought that was precious--its hard to be little sometimes.

Love that they are all going one way and Annelyn is going the other, but she is rockin' it!!!

She didn't miss a beat of the singing and dancing at first.

Straightening her friends' costume. Poor kid. She was so polite to let Annelyn invade her space.

"helping" her friend. Really???

a time out for a the middle of a song.

Um....hello Annelyn, you are in a play. Sit up.

Annelyn had a solo. She did a wonderful job. I was impressed that she would get up and sing in front of a crowd!

Olivia clapped. She thought the play was great!

Sweet girls! They love each other!!

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