Thursday, November 10, 2011

Blogging all the firsts.....

....even the bad ones. Olivia has her first broken bone.
Yesterday was not an award winner day at the Parker house. Olivia was sound asleep in our bed, and rolled right off. Our bed comes at the very least up to my hips. It is a tall bed! She cried a painful cry and I knew she was hurt. Typically, she goes right back to sleep or playing. Not yesterday. She pointed to her throat and kept saying, 'hurt.' I wasn't sure if she had gotten hurt from falling off the bed or if she was getting sick. I have had a viral thing for the last week that started with a sore throat, so I thought that might be what hurt.
John stayed home and I called the doctor as soon as they opened at 8. I told John if for some reason they sent her for an x-ray to call me and I would be there. Well, about 9:45 he called. They wanted to x-ray her arm. Her throat and all were clear, although I could argue that today since she coughed her way through the night last night, has been sneezing and has a runny nose. So I left school in a rush and headed to the hospital. They called her back and after some massive coaxing, I got her to lay on the x-ray table. She was so scared, but did a great job! They told us to wait in the waiting room, and then they came out and told us to go back to our doctor. We got back and he explained the variations of collar bone accidents. Apparently, Olivia has a broken collar bone. So, for the next 2-4 weeks, she has to wear a brace that pulls her shoulders back to help realign her bones. She has to have it on 24/7. So far, she has been a trooper. She was in a lot of pain yesterday, but between tylenol and the brace, I think she feels some better today. She is moving it some today, and yesterday if she moved slightly it brought her to tears. If she moves fast or wrong, she is quick to tell us it hurts.
There was one spot on her shoulder on the x-ray that was apparently 'questionable.' The doctor pushed and poked, but she didn't scream. I assume that means they aren't too worried about that spot. We go back in two weeks for a recheck. We are so thankful that she is in a brace. I was worried that if it were her arm, we would be in a cast.

The pictures aren't grand, but you can see what the back looks like. It kinda makes her arms stick out.

You can tell there is extra padding under her shirt. At least it can go under. Getting dressed and getting in/out of the carseat is a challenge, but we will make it.

Say a prayer for our sweet little one to heal quickly and be in minimal pain.


  1. Oh Laura, I am so sorry. Can just imagine how you guys are feeling and poor little Olivia. Isn't she in a toddler bed??? Really low to the ground???? I ask because that's what we have for Grace and I've always had the thought that if she fell out it wouldn't hurt her because it was such a short way to the carpet. But this makes me wonder!!!

    Definitely saying prayers for her and yall as I can just imagine how it hurts you to see her this way. She'll be fine. Thinkin' of ya!!

  2. Prayers for a quick recovery for your sweet girl

  3. So sorry for you all and sweet Olivia! Hoping and praying for a fast and painless recovery. :)

  4. Poor baby! Praying that she heals quickly!