Wednesday, November 23, 2011


This past Sunday, surrounded by family, Olivia was baptized. She wore her Hanbok for the baptism and then we took it off. Our minister did a wonderful job and was so considerate of the fact that Olivia was scared. She did not allow him to hold her, but did fine when he put the water on her head. She kept wanting Grampy throughout his small ceremony, but John and I held her. I really didn't get to focus on what was said, but what I did hear was perfect. After church, we all headed over to mom's for a great lunch and some family time. Our family has become super fun in the last 8 years. There are six kiddos now, and they all get along really well. Unfortunately, Ian is the only boy, but is the oldest and such a trooper.
We didn't get any pictures of all the kids together, but we had really good intentions. There weren't many pictures taken at church either. I hate that. I need to be more specific when I hand my camera off for someone else to use. :)

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