Saturday, November 19, 2011

Legally Ours....FOREVER!

9 months ago on meeting day (Feb. 14)

Our family 9 months ago when we first landed here at home. (Feb. 19)

Our family now (Nov. 18)

....notice the outfits on meeting day and court day. I know, cheesy, but two life changing days.

This morning we pulled Olivia out of the bed and gave her a bath, put on her smocked red, white and blue dress, and headed to our courthouse. Today was the BIG day for us. Today is the day that this long journey comes to an end, and our lives fully begin with Olivia. Today was especially special because we had the honor of my uncle being our judge. We were originally going to be in a small courtroom, but they worked it out so that we were in their main court room. Therefore, we shared space with general sessions. They allowed us to go first, so my uncle came in and gave the docket number and some legal information as to why he was up there. Then our attorney asked us a few questions before the judge. Such as "are you aware that as of today, this child will be yours as if she were born to you at birth." That is the best thing I have heard! She also discussed how we chose Olivia and how lucky we all are. This by no means was the typical court date. My uncle then said, "I see you brought family with you today." He said for us to come up and stand behind him while he signed the papers in front of us and our family.

He asked Olivia several times if she was ok with all of this. I kept thinking she would say, "no" since she says that for everything. It was very sweet! I couldn't have asked for more! He told everyone that he knows it is not the norm, but that we were going to pause and take some pictures.

Everyone in the court room waiting for their time was so nice. They enjoyed watching, and as we walked out there was a man there for something and said to John, "I see you finally got her. I came to your yard sale a couple of summers ago when you were raising money." --small world!!

Olivia and I coming out of the court room.

We finished up here and went to breakfast. I think Olivia ate some of everyones! After breakfast, we came back to our house so my aunt could see some of my sewing. While there, Olivia got her piano and she, dad, and Uncle Don sang ABC's and other songs. I love my family and couldn't enjoy their company more if I tried. We always have so much fun together! So, there you have it. The end to one long journey that leads us to a life together as a family. We are very blessed!


  1. This was perfect. I am so glad we got to be a part of it and I am so proud to have my niece!

  2. Wonderful!!!! Now a new journey begins!! The one where Olivia and her family grow, live and love each other! and, then of course, another chapter when her new sibling comes home! :)

  3. I love it!! And I totally noticed you had the same outfit on before i got that far. :) You all look great and Olivia smiling in your forever family picture is perfect!! You make an amazing family and I'm so thankful I get to watch her grow up and watch you guys take care of her. And how cool that your uncle got to be the judge?! That's AWESOME!!!!

  4. Yay!!!!! That is fantastic for Thanksgiving! I love her dress. Our court date is in 1 week. We are excited!