Saturday, June 12, 2010

Shop and Swap

Today was an exciting day! It started with baking two pans of brownies and two batches of chocolate chip cookies to take to the shop and swap. John was out back with dad working on the rock path to the pool (for the 3rd time..they were going to concrete it the next day and the flood came and washed away all the sand), and I worked on birthday stuff for Olivia. The morning completely snuck away from me. I noticed that it was pushing 12 so I sent a text to one of my best friends that I was suppose to meet at 12 to get tables for the shop and swap and asked if she was on 'Laura and Traci time' or 'normal time?' Luckily, she was on 'Laura and Traci time' which automatically bought me 30 extra minutes. :) So, I grabbed a shower and headed out to go to the church to get tables. We loaded 10 tables and headed to school to set up for the shop and swap.

This is what the gym looked like before we set up.

setting up is taking shape! Ashley and John are working hard to put things in place.

We had a lot of fun!! Traci is bringing in a stand to put some pictures of Olivia on.

Looking good in here!!!!

This is Skyar (a former student) who brought me the sweetest book today when they came. It is called "Tell Me Again." It is by Jamie Lee Curtis. The little girl in the book wants to know her adoption story.

After people set up their goodies, they were invited to wait in the hall and have some treats to eat. (thanks to mom, Leslie, Ashley G, Traci, and Ashley S. who all supplied food)

Lilia and Reagan are eating some of those treats! Too cute!!! :)

Right before we were ready for people to head in to shop, I told everyone thank you and Traci explained how it worked and then said a quick prayer.
I kinda slacked on pictures once the shin-dig started, but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. We had a good turn out!! Everyone brought GREAT stuff! I was completely surprised of how much stuff there was!! Some people said we should do this again when she comes home! I think the turn out might have been better if it had been in the fall or winter because a lot is going on since it is summer. Completely understandable!

Mom and Aunt Candy with friends mingeling behind them.

I felt so blessed today. I can tell you the true definition of a best friend after today. I know they are hard to come by, but God has blessed me with a few. Thank you girls for giving up your Saturday, time with family, time with your children to help me. Also, thank you to my family who has been with me at every turn. One of the questions in the 'home study' process is "how is your support system in your family with adoption?" Well, I think we have 110%!!!! My aunt from Chattanooga came, mom, my sister from Murfreesboro, and my sister-in-law!!! My mother-in-law sent a donation (she had to work), my cousin called before it was over to see how it went (her husband threw a world cup party so she had to stay back and help), and my brother in law called to meet us and help unload the cars when it was over!!!! WOW!!! Lastly, my husband, who loves soccer (It is world cup weekend, which I know he loves since he has watched it every year since I met him! ), gave up his Saturday hanging out on the couch relaxing to spend the whole day helping. Poor thing was drenched in sweat, but never complained.

He did have one small problem.

He forgot to teather the clothes line and right before we started the shopping part, it fell! As we were cleaning it up he said, "crap, this is going on the blog isn't it?" :) Yep, sure is! I love you John--we were SO made for each other!

I was walking around during the shop and swap and couldn't figure out why he was just sitting where he was. Then I noticed that he was holding up the pole in the middle of the clothes rack! Too funny!!

The one picture I really wanted we never got to today. I wanted one with the girls that helped make this happen! We were all running around so much that we didn't get it. However, girls, I love you!!!! Thanks again!
I am currently getting texts from Traci planning the next fundraiser. It is sounding really fun!!!!

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  1. thought about you guys all day...glad it went well. wish i could have been there to help. love you girl.