Sunday, June 27, 2010

Olivia's Dol

We got up at 6:30 or 7 and headed out to work in the yard to prepare for the party tonight. My parents arrived around 9 to help, my sister-in-law came and tied ribbons on the paper lanterns (inside) and then Ashley stopped by around 12 and washed fruit. My mother-in-law came by at 2 and began helping mom in the kitchen. (I think I got kicked out of my own kitchen 5 times before the day was over) Around 3:00 I began to feel like the clock was SPINNING. I couldn't get it all done, and I was still running around in my swimsuit working in the yard. (How many times did I tell people, "this is NOT a swim party.") It was so hot here that when I would work and when I started dripping in sweat I would jump in the pool and then get right back out just to be cool for a while. It got really cloudy around 2 which delayed taking stuff out. Also, because of the heat we couldn't take out the centerpieces or dol towers because of the candy would melt. So, it was the last 2 hours where I really hurried.

Around 3:30 the doorbell rang for the first time. It was our cake! It was absolutely GORGEOUS and DELICIOUS!!!! Seriously, if you need a cake for anything, call Lori Lafayette! She is awesome.

Lori is on the left and Audra is on the right. Lori makes the cakes!!! WOW!!!

Shortly after, Amanda's mom arrived with all the fruit. It was also beautiful! She did such a good job and it was also delicious.

So, now it is 4:30 and I am taking stuff out to the Dol table and fixing centerpieces. (yes, still in my swimsuit) Next, our singer arrived. He did a wonderful job and was a hit! He was suppose to be here from 6-9, and I think that is what I was looking forward to the most. I was going to sit down next to the pool, listen to the waterfall and music for an hour. Can you believe it got really windy and started lightening so he had to clean up his equipment and be done. It never rained a drop! In all that rush, we all started grabbing stuff and getting it inside. Pretty sure my guests would think I was a horrible host. Really are you suppose to WORK when you go to a party??? I promise, next year will be more relaxed friends and family! You will NOT work! (disregard that sentence mom) This party was all done to honor ALL the traditions of a Korean child's first birthday. Yes, it is very involved and I couldn't do it all alone. Well, enough about are some pics of the Dol. (I know, where are the people??? I stink with the camera. Once people got there, I put the camera down. I missed a lot of good shots of friends, family, and CUTE kiddos!)

See why I needed help cooking! I have a big refridgerator and we couldn't fit another thing in it.

The candy buffet (before it was complete)--I forgot to take one once I got it ready for the party)

Dol table with the cake on it.

Dol table without the cake on it.

The Doljabi table. What did she choose at her Dol in Korea????

Flowers and stuffed animal that Uncle Hugh and Aunt Judy sent. I wish they could have been here!

The cake!

Food table (chicken kabobs, bulgogi, fruit, all kinds of tea, bread, hot dogs, and rice)

Center pieces


Looking from the deck (food wasn't out, lanterns weren't quite all hung, no singer and waterfall not turned on) wish I got one of the full effect.

Me, Cassie, Ashley, and Amy (holding Khloe)


Sweet girls!

dad, buddy and Mickey at the grill working on kabobs

Uncle Don, Mickey, and Jeremy

Once everyone went home, I had to get my house back to normal. I couldn't stand it any longer. Around 11:45 John took Oscar out and came in calling for me. It appears our local raccoon friend (we have named him Ricky) came and went through our trash. John saw him running off with pineapple. I came out and we picked all of the trash up (Yuck!) and then remembered we didn't get the mail. I walked to the box and found a document from USCIS. I knew what it was. We got Olivia's I600!!!! I looked at the clock and it was 12:07, so we received it on her actual birthday! How cool is that????

We came in and I began to get ready for bed. Before I could turn around, both boys were snoring. Oscar was belly up before he heard the flash of the camera pop up. We were all exhausted, but had a GREAT day.

Thanks to all of our friends and family for making her Dol special. We are so glad you joined us!!!!

Happy Birthday Olivia!!! I can't wait to spend many more with you!!!


  1. Laura, everything looks awesome! You all did an amazing job!!!

  2. What a beautiful celebration! Wonderful job with the Dol.

  3. 1. Everything looks awesome!
    2. I love love love bulgogi! Did you make it?
    3. Your letter to olivia made me cry. At work. Ha!
    I am so glad you got to celebrate with loved ones, I know this must be the most heart wrenching process.

  4. Awww.. how sweet that you went all out for your littleones first birthday. We had a little family celebration. Maybe while we wait and miss Emi Faiths 3rd bithday we will do a bigger celebration.
    Love all those decoration!!!

  5. Happy Birthday Olivia!
    What an amazing 1st Birthday/Dol you had for her. Love the candy theme