Saturday, June 19, 2010

Garage Sale

Well, I think it is record heat here in Tennessee for June--not to mention the humidity. But, on Friday the 18th we woke up at 4 a.m. and hauled out 10 tables of stuff, four tarps full and some other stuff.

A garage sale is not complete without pictures of our Miss. Olivia to let all know that we are waiting for her to come home!! It is so neat to talk to people about adoption. You can seriously read people on if they are pro-adoption or not-so-much on it. As soon as someone knows you are adopting they share their story about their third-cousins daughter who adopted a child. I guess that is their way to relate to adoption. It is somewhat entertaining to have these conversations, but it is also neat to hear how it all unfolded for them.

We completed day one around 5:00. My mom came and sat both days. This is beyond sweet if you could have felt the heat!! John was at work on Friday and then he was in the back working with dad all day on Saturday. They are building a rock path. This path has been in the process since we put the pool in. Since we are having the birthday party next weekend we are in a mad rush to get things in the back. We are going from ghetto to gorgeous! :)

Day two began at 5:00 a.m. and my parents showed up to work (yet again) at 7:30. It was another scorcher!!!! Around 8:45 we began to hear thunder. It slowly started to rain and then it poured. We rushed everything into the garage and the rain stopped shortly. We got it all dried and started to take it all back out.

Oscar insisted on being with us the whole weekend. He would go inside for a bit to cool off and then come running back out. He was so good! Here he is sitting with his sister.

Each child that would come he would go to them and want to play. One little girl came and was crawling around while her mom looked. I don't know which one like the other one more? She would pull his tail and he would just take it and look at her. He also LOVED the stuffed animals that were out. He would occasionally go over and bark at the box of them. I would turn it over and he would pull out the one that he wanted at that time.

We decided to quit around 2:30 because I had a father's day errand to run. We got it all boxed and in the cars. We took the left overs to goodwill and then headed on our errand.

Well, keep up this week! We are going to be getting ready for Olivia's birthday celebration! It is going to be a fun but busy week. Pray for a sunny upcoming Saturday!!!! I am trying to do her birthday celebration with ALL the Korean traditions for a first birthday!

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