Friday, June 11, 2010

I600A approval

I have been checking the mail daily. Today was the day. I went to the box and there was the approval for the I600A. This document means that we are eligable to adopt Olivia. It is late coming because USCIS (homeland security) didn't have all the documents they needed. We got our fingerprints in April and should have had this approval in mid-May. The only way I knew to check on it was because an immigration officer called saying she was ready to process Olivia's I600 (her document that says she is eligable to be adopted). They couldn't process it because they needed our paper which is what came today. So, hopefully we will get the I600 in the next couple of weeks!!!! No, this doesn't mean she is coming home any sooner (unfortunately), but it does put us one more step closer to getting her. I am checking the list off! Once the American side of the paperwork is done (just a few more steps) then it will go and SIT on a desk in Korea. UGH!!!! That is SO frustrating, but part of it I guess.


  1. YEA!! Make it off the list. Just concentrate on getting everything marked off and before you know it you will be holding Olivia!!