Thursday, June 24, 2010

Getting ready for Olivia's Dol

My goal for the summer was to stay busy. Well, I have definately succeeded. We had the shop and swap, then the garage sale, and now we are having a clebration for Olivia's 1st birthday. The Koreans believe this is the most important day in the life of a Korean, so we have chosen to honor her and celebrate that day. I have tried to do all of the Korean traditions that are typically done at a Dol, and I hope that I have done it justice. The only thing that could possibly make this day better would be if she were home. (obviously) I am glad that I worked ahead since I came down with a stomach virus yesterday. I feel much better, but my stomach is still hurting today and I don't have energy. Yuck!
Her actual birthday is June 27th, but I have planned her celebration for the 26th since the 27th is on a Sunday this year. While we are here celebrating on the 26th, she is in Korea celebrating on the 27th (same day due to time difference). How cool is that? Some of you may think it is silly to go all out and do this celebration since she is not home, but I want her to know that she was so special that 2 different countries and families were celebrating her. I want her to know that we couldn't wait to get her home and I also want her to have photos of her first birthday to look back at when she is older. Doesn't your mom have pictures of your first birthday? I also think this has been a great way to learn some Korean traditions and embrace the country more.

These parties can often become CRAZY expensive. We set a budget and we have stayed close to that budget. The Koreans spend what we would for a nice large wedding. We didn't go that far! :) We have done quite a bit and we are excited about Saturday. Our families and closest friends who have been right beside us through the ENTIRE journey will join us.

Here are some pictures to show the preparation process. (It is a good thing that she doesn't have furniture in her room since it is covered with birthday stuff!)

(this is a mild mess compared to what it is now)

I used these candies to make two of the 5 Dol towers. It is a a Korean tradition that signifies hope for the child to have a long and healthy life. They are all made out of food. (I originally bypassed that tradition, but then decided that I should do it. Thanks Ashley for spending 1 1/2 hours on putting one of the towers together. :( It looked good and I had fun spending the day with you!

I decided to do a 'candy buffett' for the favors. I thought, 'oh this will be cute and inexpensive.' DON'T EVER DO THIS!!!! Candy is EXPENSIVE! Once I had invested, I had to finish it. Somehow a lollipop theme emerged from this.

Asians seem to use these paper lanterns a lot. I really liked them. I found them on a website for 1.50 each! Can't beat that! This past Sunday I decided I would get them all put together so it would be one less thing to do. Hmm....I didn't really think about the space they would take up for a week. Oops! :)

Oscar seemed to really want attention. So, when we were at Wal-Mart one night recently, we got him this toy pig. He LOVES it! When I get home with groceries I set them down in the hallway and unload them. Usually he sits in the den patiently holding a toy in his mouth waiting to play. Not this time. He came running in, went through each bag and pulled out his toy. He squeeked it the entire first night he had it. He will take toys into Olivia's room and just lay there. He never even knew this room exsisted.


  1. Laura,

    Looks great so far!! Can't wait to see the photos from Saturday!

    Jennifer (from the Korea forum)

  2. Hi Laura! You were my first post - thanks! We are in the final stages of being approved by the Government in Australia. I think it is a bit different over here. We have no choice but to use Eastern as that is the only orphanage Australia has an agreement with. Australia only gets a quota of 25 this year. So only 25 files can be sent. We are lucky to be one of them. Hopefully our 'file' (application) will be sent to Eastern by the end of the month. Then we expect a 6-8 month wait for referral and now by the look of things another 6-10 months to travel. We hope something changes to speed this up, but usually where adoption is concerned things slow down..

  3. So, I am so glad that you found my blog!! :) This is too cute! I am very new to the whole "blogging thing", so mine is kind of bare! I am so excited to be able to keep up with your journey now! This is awesome! The meeting was very real for me, so it was great that we went. It seems that during this stage of the process, you just look forward to the happiness and joy. The meeting showed me the reality of what is to come, but I needed to see it! Thank you for the other blog info...I am definitely going to check it out!