Thursday, January 26, 2012

6 nights out of 342 ain't bad....

Yes, I know there are 365 days in a year, but we have only had Olivia 342 of them. I truly can't believe that we will be coming up on our year mark soon! That post is for another day though. Last night, Olivia slept in her bed. This makes 6 total nights of sleeping through the night since she has been home. Can we say EXHAUSTED! She actually asked to go to bed around 7:45. Which if you know my child, that NEVER happens. I rocked her and laid her down in her bed. I then left in no time. This too, is rare. She usually needs to be rocked or know that I am close by until she is asleep. She must have been exhausted because this morning, I saw this...

...and she was no where in sight!

HOLY COW people, she has NEVER slept that much! Granted, I didn't get to bed til 1:30 or so, but still. I actually got worried while I was getting ready for work and went in to check on her. Here is what I found.
...a snoozing sweet her OWN bed. This afternoon called for a celebration. We went to Wal-Mart (where all good hicks go) and got a new toy. I thought this might make an impression on her for tonight. She was so proud of herself! It did as she went to bed, and we talked about if she woke up to just snuggle her animals close and go back to sleep. I have been up sewing and heard her a bit ago. I am about to head to bed, wonder if she is in there or if she was taken back to her bed?

Yes, we must have ALL animals on board. Pooh (my childhood stuffed animal, Zoe, School Zoey, Sheep (thanks cousins--he is HUGE!), and blankie (her towel that came home with her from Korea.) Add me in there sometimes, and that is one crowded toddler bed!!! When we rock her, she has Zoe, Pooh and blankie. One night John was rocking her and she said, "sheee...." She very patiently asked several more times, but John didn't understand. Finally she got right in his face and yelled, "SSSHHHHHEEEEEEP!" John couldn't quit laughing. I had a great laugh from in the den, too! She is hysterical!!!

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  1. WOW!! Congrats!!! However, this is also a bit DISCOURAGING for us who have only been home a month and who are NO WHERE near having a sleeping girl in her own bed in her own room; she does mostly sleep in her own pack n' play bed in our room and sleeps mostly thru the night but does wake up some nights several times even if it's shortly; but still makes for tired parents who are jumping up at every little peep. Is it bad that I say I am already longing for the day she will sleep in her in OWN bed and in her OWN ROOM??? :/ I continue to watch your progress and keep hope for our own precious girl!! So proud of little Olivia and we might need a new shirt one day sooon!! :)