Thursday, January 5, 2012

1st Day of School for Olivia

Her bags for Grammy/Grampy's were packed, her school bag, nap mat and lunch box. She had a load to take this morning!
Today, I met Olivia and mom at First Baptist Church for Olivia to start her 1st day of school. She got out of the car and put on her bookbag like a big girl. We walked over and I wanted to get a picture before we went in. She smiled when I asked her to, but was positioning her bookbag and quickly told me it was, "heaby."
We got inside and her teacher let me come in. Normally we will just hand her over the 1/2 door to them. She immediately spotted the kitchen stuff and started to play. I tried to grab a quick picture, but obviously not the best quality.
I kissed her head and told her we would be back after nap. She walked across the room and began to play. No tears, though she looks very unsure!!! (not sure what is going on with that hairbow??)
I went back at 2:15 to meet mom again to pick Olivia up. Normally I won't do this since I can't leave work like that twice a week, but I was not missing my girls first day of school. When we got back, her teacher said Olivia had a good day. She cried a bit a naptime and said, "mommy, home," but had a good day otherwise. She painted (I will need to post a pic. of that!), played, sang, ate lunch, and took a nap. This was the first time she had been put down for a nap by anyone other than me, mom or John. This is huge!!!! She is the youngest one in the class, but I am hoping that will work to her advantage. I am hoping it makes her language pick up and encourages her to work harder. She is a smart one, but she is also extremely stubborn. (I could possibly be on the stubborn side, too, so we will definitely have our rough patches.) :)
Her teacher said she didn't eat much for lunch, played great, and tried to sing the words that she could say. So, I am very pleased with that report.
When I got there, they had just been woken up 10 minutes before. She was snuggled up being rocked and having Fancy Nancy read to her. She really had no interest in coming to me. :( You know where my head went, right....oh no, attachment! She finally came to me and snuggled with me. She was so sleepy. I have wondered if she was a bit mad at me for leaving. The girl can hold a grudge.
So tonight, I have really talked up going back to school. I asked if she is super excited to go back to which she said, "no." I asked if she wanted to go back to sing and paint. She raised her eyebrows and said, "no." I asked several questions each time getting the same answer. After dinner she wanted a piece of fudge for dessert. I asked some of the same questions with the fudge in my hand. Amazingly, I got, "uh-huh!" It was really cute and funny. I think she will adjust, but she may not want to be left on Tuesday. Sorry kiddo. We are leaving you, but we will ALWAYS come back. We love you SO much! I don't think I can even put into words how much I love her at this point. She is the best thing ever!!!!

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