Sunday, January 15, 2012

Helping with the dishes

Whenever I put up the dishes, Olivia comes running! She gets a chair and pulls it up to the counter. She immediately asks to help, so I give her the silverware. I put the knives away first, and then she goes at it. She has many of my OCD qualities already, and I find her putting the silverware in the correct places. Sometimes she decides to add a little of her own personality and I get this.....

Don't worry, the ones she licked we rewashed. She is a great helper who brings a lot of laughs while helping. :)


  1. I do believe this is the FIRST TIME in almost of year of seeing O on this blog that she DOES NOT HAVE A BOW in her hair. I may fall out of my chair!!!!!!

  2. could she be ANY cuter???? seriously. you are so blessed.

    we are praying about adoption for our family, and i just love peeking in at your life with olivia. shes a doll! :))