Sunday, January 8, 2012

Olivia's First Haircut!!

We went yesterday to see Nana and get Olivia's haircut for the first time. (Well, first time since she has been home with us.)
She has been pulling her hair up and saying, "Nana, cut cut." She definitely needed it cut.
She ended up cutting a full inch! Maybe we shouldn't wait so long before our next cut.

Checking out what is making her hair wet.

She loves a squirt bottle!!!

Oooh, can I see?

Keep your eye on the prize!

What a big girl I am!!!

Let me see!

Nana is telling her to be still for the 100th time. Look at Olivia's finger and what she thinks about it. We all got a good laugh!

Do I still have hair....let me check!

Ugh, this is such hard work!

Looking maybe a little nervous.

Thanks Nana!

One happy girl with a great new haircut!!!

Nana always has great suckers for me to choose from!


  1. I love her haircut! What a big girl!

  2. Oh so cute. Lauren needs a haircut too - also her first on. I have been thinking the same style as you went with for Olivia. Love it.

  3. Looks so cute! She did way better than my John!