Thursday, August 18, 2011

Working at the car wash....

You know the song. Yep, bet it is stuck in your head now. :) Well, we are no car wash, but we ventured out to wash mine yesterday. It was NASTY! With Olivia's help we got it done. When I say help, as I would dry a spot, she would spray it down again.

Yes, I was soaked after this picture. I was just trying to protect the camera from getting wet. She thought it was hilarious!

Whenever I leave the pool, I always tie my towel around my waste. She insists on any towel that is used outside to be tied around her waist. This was the towel that we dried the car with. She was determined to get it fixed around her waist, so we finally helped. Yes, she had a really good bath later in the evening. :)

She 'helped' me clean the inside of my car. She looks a bit like Cruella De'Ville here the way she is scrunched over holding onto the steering wheel! I can tell she even has the underbite going for her in this picture. She is a laugh a minute!

Almost done, and look--she found a sucker that we had been holding out on her!

It was a long process, but we had fun!

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  1. Seriously, could this be any cuter?! I have laughed so hard this morning at the picture of her driving!! Too funny!!!!!! Love it and you!!