Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bring home Greer and Sophie

Last night, we got in the car and headed out to a fundraiser to help bring home twins from Korea. I have met their mamma one other time (at the airport when Brodie came home), but was super excited to go and help bring home her sweet babies. There is something about adoption that makes you want to help others in anyway possible to get their kids home. I guess because we know the waiting feeling and that pain. After playing in the car for an hour and a half,

we arrived at a beautiful farm house. We were greeted by Annelyn running to us and then cought up with Leslie, Jeremy, and MaryLeigh.

We got settled and enjoyed a great dinner.
After dinner, April and her husband talked for a few minutes about their journey to the twins. Olivia is listening to them talk about the twins.

It is amazing how God calls us to adoption.

Olivia, Brodie, Bates, and Annelyn had fun running around during this time.

I got to meet some super nice people (one who I have followed her blog for quite some time and had no clue she lived in the area!) and then we looked at all the great stuff that was up for auction. It was getting late so we loaded up and before we even got to the main road, Olivia was snoozing. What a great Saturday night! Olivia has brought us so much joy in such a short time. We have met many wonderful people that, without this experience, we wouldn't have ever met. Adoption is an amazing gift!!! We are so lucky!!

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  1. Awesome!!! It is amazing how adoption brings us together...hearts that beat to the same drum it seems. We are a blessed bunch!!