Saturday, September 25, 2010

My first baby shower

This was a day that I have dreamed about for a long time. Not just a baby shower, but MY baby shower! I always dreamed of having a baby, and this was something that I have always looked forward to. The only thing missing was the big belly! I must admit, I felt funny opening presents and not being pregnant, but that is the way it is. We got some great stuff for Olivia!!! Two of my best friends and my sister threw the shower for me. It was PERFECT! However, after being the 'mommy for the day' made me realize that I was not the best hostess when we had Traci's shower a month ago. Traci, pregnant with twins, would not let me do anything! She was the photographer today, took my plate, saw to it that everything was done. Hmmm.....I don't think I did such a great job for her, but I really tried and hadn't worried about it until today. Wow Traci, you out did yourself!!!! Ashley made the adorable banner, (I really think we should go into business with this stuff. When we make them together they go pretty fast!) :) and my sister took care of the delicious, beautiful cake!!!! Not to leave out an unnamed hostess. Nancy, you went above and beyond! The food was delicious! You worked in the kitchen the entire time washing and cleaning. I appreciate you coming up two days in a row to help with the preparation for the shower!!! Moms are the best!
Thank you all for making this day everything I have dreamed of since I was a little girl. I love you all!!!!

To top it all off, it is all unboxed and put away nicely in its place!! Those that know me are not surprised by this I am sure. Now...for the thank you notes! :)

The banner and some of the gifts!

The beautiful food table and awesome cake!

I love these girls!!!! Thanks for walking every step of this journey with me! Amy, we missed you today!!!!

Love this diaper bag! Thanks, Cassie!

MMMMM....Annelyn loves to eat cake!

Lots of helpers with opening presents!! So fun!

Landon and Khloe getting to play with toys once everyone was gone!

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